Join us for a unique event at Big Bear Cafe.

We are excited to partner with Little Donna's and Capitoline Vermouth to showcase a 3-course tasting dinner. Food for the evening will center around game, exotic, and other pungent foods that welcome the soothing touch of Vermouth. Chef Robbie Tutlewski from Little Donna's will present the opening appetizer and dessert and Chef Isaiah Ruffin from Big Bear will do the main appetizer and entree. Enthusiasts of Vermouth and bold flavors won't want to miss out.

Tickets include the opening reception plate plus three courses and drinks. Limited seating is available to ensure an intimate dining experience upstairs.

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Menu Preview
Reception Course by Little Donna's
Pizzette (small pizzas of different types)
Pairing: Beetle Juice
Tiber, cava, blood orange

First Course by Big Bear
Smoked Emu Tartare, fennel, egg, sorrel
Pairing: White Vermouth
White Vermouth with fennel blossom

Second course by Big Bear
Venison loin, quail, spiced carrot
Pairing: The Bloomingdale
Dry Vermouth, rye, house bitters

Dessert course by Little Donna's
Apple many ways (icecream, caramel, fermented, smoked, dry, and raw)
Pairing: Rose
Rose Vermouth, apple