Tasting Dinner w/3 Stars Brewing Company

Big Bear’s new Chef, Isaiah Ruffin, is hosting a 3 course, family-style, seafood focused tasting dinner on Tuesday (7/30) at 7pm with the brewers of 3 Stars Brewing Company.

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Click Image to Reserve Tickets

The dinner will be a coursed, local ingredient, family-style dinner with an emphasis on seafood served with a beer pairing.

The 1st course will be fried soft-shelled crab with greens cooked in an IPA Sabay. The 1st beer pairing will be a Double IPA (the name has yet to be released from 3-Stars).

The 2nd course will be fish en papilote with summer vegetables. The 2nd beer pairing will be the Hazy Pale Ale.

The 3rd course will be a Cheesecake with a shortbread crust made with early summer peaches. The 3rd beer pairing will be the Peppercorn Saison.

Vegetarian options are available. Gluten free is not an option for this meal, and dairy free is an option but it is not suggested. Because of the specialty ingredients and the guest size for the dinner tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

Dinner starts at 7pm! It can run until 9:30pm or 10:30pm depending on the time you need.

We look forward to having you.

Click Image to Reserve Tickets

Click Image to Reserve Tickets