Join Chef Dorjee and the Dorjee Momo team for an intimate evening of vegan Himalayan dishes, with a special welcome cocktail included. Preview the vegan menu for their upcoming brick & mortar location (at Easter Market), and sample a wide range of savory, spicy, tart, and sweet flavors from Tibet, India, Nepal, and China.

We invite you to enjoy both creative and traditional Himalayan foods inspired by Chef Dorjee's journey as a former Buddhist monk & refugee.

Ticketed dinner seatings through the nights at:
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
8:30 PM
9:00 PM

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“My cuisine comes from what I have seen with my eyes and hands. I try to create tension with flavors, because that’s what life is about — savory and sour, sweet and bitter. I make a lot of the food I ate as a kid, but I’ve seen so many things since then, so my food is always changing. I took a lot of influence from the international cafes in Dharamshala in India, where I worked after leaving Tibet. It pushed me to be more healthy and to make vegetarian and vegan food. My cuisine is about what happens when countries overlap: Tibet and China, India and Nepal. We’re always going back and forth and arguing about borders. A lot of food is in the same situation.” — Chef Dorjee in Clove Magazine of South Asian Culture 2018